Import workflows to Terra

Cumulus workflows are hosted on Dockstore under the organization of Li Lab. For illustration, we’ll use Cellranger workflow to show how to import Cumulus workflows to your Terra workspace.

  1. Select Cellranger workflow from Cumulus workflow collection by clicking its “View” button:


Notice that all Cumulus workflows have prefix, which indicates they are imported from Cumulus GitHub repo to Dockstore.

  1. In the workflow page, by switching to “Versions” tab, you can view all the available versions of Cellranger workflow, where the default version is on the top:


To change to a non-default version, simply clicking the version name in “Git Reference” column. After that, click “Terra” button on the right panel.


The master version refers to the development branch of Cumulus workflows, which is always under rapid change.

For stable usage, please always refer to a released version.

  1. You’ll be asked to log in to Terra if not. Then you can see the following page:


In “Destination Workspace” drop-down menu on the right panel, you can select the target Terra workspace to import CellRanger workflow. Optionally, you can even rename the workflow in “Workflow Name” field. When everything is done, click “IMPORT” button below to finish.

  1. When finished, you can see Cellranger workflow appearing in “WORKFLOWS” tab of your Terra workspace:


Moreover, in its workflow page (as below)


you can even switch the workflow’s version in “Version” drop-down menu, and click the link in “Source” field to view the workflow’s WDL source code.